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At MomentumNow, our goal is simple, it is to help you reach yours. We know you are a leader in your field and you have a vision of your company’s success and how you would like it to thrive.  For this reason, we are equipped with a multitude of ways to provide you with opportunities, strategies, and solutions to help you achieve your goals.

At MomentumNow, we make it happen.  You get the opportunity to partner with us allowing you to work alongside our experts providing you with the team to propel your goals.  Whether you’re looking for commercial building solutions or commercial construction business solutions at MomentumNow we have all the right tools to execute.

Roxanne Bushey, CEO & Co-Founder

Roxanne Bushey a goal-driven and dynamic entrepreneur with exceptional leadership skills and a strong work ethic. As the CEO and Founder of MomentumNow.biz, a MWBE-owned business, Roxanne has been instrumental in providing strategies and solutions to her clients.

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering and certifications in engineering, as well as being licensed in New Jersey for Commercial Real Estate, Roxanne brings a strong technical foundation and extensive knowledge to her roles. Her bilingual skills in English and Spanish further enhance her ability to connect with clients and expand opportunities.

Roxanne has over 20 years of experience working with the public and private sectors of engineering and construction. As a Civil Engineer with a strong Business Development mindset, she started her career in Southern California and now operates in the New York City Metropolitan Area, which has a population of over 30 million people. In this highly competitive commercial and construction business market, the need for a dedicated partner has never been greater.

Her dedication to client satisfaction, innovative sales and marketing strategies, and effective communication have contributed to her reputation for integrity and superior service excellence. Roxanne leads with value, and her passion for helping others is contagious. She thinks outside the box and is intentional with every interaction, bringing vision, action, and the momentum needed for success.

Roxanne’s magnetism is unique, and she shares strategies and solutions to unlock your success.

Walter Bushey, Co-Founder

Construction Business Consultant bringing over 20+ years’ experience, as Your Partner I provide strategies and assist in the implementation of key areas of construction and renewable energy companies, ensuring your strategies align with your goals, implementing plans which meet current and future needs.

Providing a results-driven, forward-thinking, and resourceful approach.

Quality-driven and deadline-focused strategic problem solver and change manager.

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