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At MomentumNow you get to work alongside our experts providing you with a team that has decades of experience, knowledge, and resources to achieve your goals.

Whether you’re looking for commercial real estate solutions (partnered with Brothers Commercial Brokerage LLC),  strategic commercial solutions, professional services, technology services, green energy solutions, or investment opportunities, at MomentumNow we have all the right strategies to execute your vision and/or increase your bottom line.

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Identify internal and external pitfalls and growth opportunities by downloading our FREE SWOT Analysis!

Once you’ve downloaded it, simply answer the questions on this worksheet and you will determine the Strengths, Disadvantages, Opportunities, and Threats facing your company.  This is a great tool and the first step to help advance your business.

SWOT Analysis

What our clients are saying

I have been working with MomentumNow for the past year, and I can confidently say that Roxanne and her team are top-notch!  They have helped us streamline our processes and increase our productivity tenfold. Thank you, MomentumNow!

MomentumNow has been a game-changer for our construction company. Roxanne’s expertise and attention to detail have helped us find the right commercial solutions for out projects.  We highly recommend MomentumNow!

Roxanne and her team at MomentumNow provided us with invaluable support during a recent project. Their guidance and support allowed us to complete the project on time and with great success. We couldn’t have done it without them!

I have been working with MomentumNow for a few months now, and I can say that they have been a breath of fresh air. Roxanne’s knowledge and experience have been invaluable in helping us navigate complex projects with ease. Thank you, MomentumNow!

We were in a tight spot with a project and called MomentumNow for help. Roxanne and her team stepped in and saved the day! Their quick thinking and expert knowledge helped us get back on track and complete the project successfully. We are grateful for MomentumNow!

MomentumNow has been a valuable resource for our construction business. Roxanne’s team is professional, knowledgeable, and always available to help. We highly recommend Momentum Now for any construction consulting needs!

I have been working with MomentumNow for several projects now and have been thoroughly impressed with their level of expertise and commitment to their clients. Roxanne and her team always go above and beyond to ensure success. Thank you, MomentumNow!

Roxanne at Momentum Now is very diligent and professional. She and her team go out of their way to meet and exceed the expectations of the customer. They have a solutions-oriented goal to their process.

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